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  • Manufacturer: Allflex

The Global Maxi Female is ideal for applications in dairy and long fed markets. It makes a great cattle tag. 

It has high retention, along with a very large surface area for marking. 


ThoroughBed is made of highly screened, light and fluffy flakes. Beautiful, extra absorbent wood shavings manufactured from lightweight white pine. 

Shavings are kiln-dried, then triple screened to remove dust. Available in the following sizes: 

• Thoroughbed 8.5 cu ft
• Thoroughbed 10.5 cu ft
• Thoroughbed 12.0 cu ft

*All manufactured in Canada

Alfalfa is a legume hay and is higher in protein and other essential nutrients verses grass hay and protein is necessary for tissue growth and development in young horses and broodmares. Horse quality alfalfa mixed with clean grass hay or managed pasture time is a excellent recommendation and a very balanced diet.

Coastal Hay is cut and dried Burmudagrass. Bermudagrass is a hearty grass that is abundant in the South. It is most common in states such as Texas and Florida because it grows well in warm temperatures with lots of moisture. This grass is not only used for hay, it is also a great grazing grass for horses and cattle.

  • Manufacturer: Purina
  • Model Number: 16970

Honor® Show Chow® Showlamb Grower DX feed is a completely balanced, high energy feed for growing show lambs and breeding sheep.

  • Manufacturer: Purina

Honor®Show Chow® Showlamb Creep Pellet DX feed is designed as a creep feed for show lambs through weaning. This feed is pelleted and medicated with Deccox® to help prevent coccidiosis.

  • Manufacturer: Purina

Honor® Show Chow® Showlamb Breeder Developer Pellet DX provides well-balanced, well-fortified nutrition for developing breeding sheep without adding excessive body condition. It is pelleted and medicated with Deccox® to prevent coccidiosis. This feed is intended for breeding sheep requiring lower energy.