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At our Belton Feed location we sell pipe for fencing, etc. We sell new and used pipe and drill stem. 

We want to earn your pipe business! Please call us for current pricing. 

#1 BRUSHED AND CLEANED USED PIPE. (This is excellent used pipe in great condition.)
Used 2 3/8"x ~31' 
Used 2 7/8"x ~31' 
Used 2 3/8"x8' post 
Used 2 7/8"x8' post 
Used 4 1/2"x8' post 
Used 4 1/2"x ~41' 
Sucker Rod 3/4" x 25' 

New 2 3/8"x24' 
New 2 3/8"x8' post 
New 2"x24' 

  • Our 8' used pipe posts are smooth saw cuts, not torch cut. 
  • 8' posts are made out of #1 straight used pipe, no threads or collars.
  • Our used pipe is #1 excellent pipe, not junk.
  • Contractors always get a discount.
  • Volume discounts available.
  • We carry all your fencing supply needs...wire, caps, posts, tools, t-posts, field fence, etc.
  • Please let us bid the materials for your next fencing job.

We can also cut the pipe and/or metal band your bundles of pipe for easier/safer loading and hauling.